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Way is a prominent English language training institute that offers a number of intensive yet exciting. The academy has consistently worked to upgrade its content and provide wholesome guidance to its students. We continuously strive to innovate and improvise teaching methodologies that assist students in test preparation. We prepare students for IELTS Academic, IELTS General Training, OET and Spoken English.


We at Life Way believes that every individual has the right to learn. We have taken an initiative to provide free resources to everyone even if you are not a student at our institute. Click on the apply button below to be a part of the movement.


We, at Alpha International, base our curriculum on the latest developments in the field of English language teaching. The training style is interactive, with workshops and presentations, which infuses curiosity in learners to acquire the required skills and achieve their targeted scores. We design our programs in a way that accesses a student’s language skills and induct them to a class accordingly.


We follow a three-way approach to train our students. The structural view treats language as a system of structurally related elements to give meaning to a sentence. The elements referred to here are the grammatical structures like phrases, clauses, phonological units. The functional or the communicative view sees language as a vehicle for the expression of functional meaning. The semantic and communicative dimensions of language are more emphasized than the grammatical characteristics. The interactive view of language allows a two-way flow of information. It ‘s sees language primarily as the means of establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships and performing social transaction between individuals.


The teaching method for students consists of structured classroom delivery by qualified and experienced faculty. We provide face-to-face preparation courses and promote self-managed learning with a tutor’s support to help learners’ succeed in exams. Our greatest assets, however, are our highly professional faculty members who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Our mentors do not constrict their teaching practices to classroom sessions but also broaden their horizons through interactive sessions, English exercises, and impromptu debates.

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