IELTS has taken over the world by heaps. It is an English language proficiency test that one has to go through if one is planning to move abroad. It tests the individual’s capabilities and revolves around four modules which are the basic necessities to clear this exam. Alpha International offers a range of programs for its students from crash courses to mock test series to help the students clear IELTS exam with all positive results. We work closely with our students to get the best of results. Our students speak for us. The decision is yours, the result is ours

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If you are looking for IELTS Coaching in Kottayam, you have reached the right place. We here at Alpha International as there is easy connectivity. We promise you that you will never go back with any doubt in your mind as our trainers solve each and every query with precision. It is rightly said that "practice makes a man perfect", but along with practice in IELTS what one needs is proper guidance, strategies and feedback, which we provide to the best of our capabilities.
Certified & Experienced Trainers I Diagnostic Assessment
Module Specific Training I Customized Training

IELTS Listening

Listening as the name says tests how good a listener are you and in a span of 28-30 mins how well can you manage your time and concentration to score maximum marks out of 40 questions

IELTS Reading

Reading accesses the candidates speed and accuracy level while reading passages and other texts where the candidate has to solve 40 ques in 1 hour

IELTS Speaking

You might have heard the saying ‘Choose your words wisely’. This is what needs to be done in the Speaking exam, where the examiner asks the candidates certain questions in 3 rounds that are Introduction Round, Cue Card Round and Discussion Round.

IELTS Writing

Writing requires the candidate to take 2 tasks, wherein each of the task has its own format and structure along with other parameters that need to be addressed equally in order to attain a high band score in this module which is challenging.

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